Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feng shui Bedroom 5: Bedhead Direction

Direction of bedhead

The direction where your bed is heading to is very important. There’s no certain direction for everyone. We have to consider many factors to put the bed such as the position of other rooms of your house or your season of birth etc.

Normally, most of the directions are acceptable, even though it’s not the most appropriate one. You may have to put your bed in an acceptable direction due to some constraints of your house. However, don’t turn the head to the West because Chinese Feng Shui Bedroom believes that west is the direction that all human souls are traveling to.

Some example of good Feng Shui Bedroom for your consideration, if you were born in summer you should place your bedhead to the north but if you were born in winter it’s better to turn it to the south.

Also, it’s better to put two sides of the bed to two sides of the wall. Nowadays, people like to put the bed like in a hotel which is to put the bed in the middle of the room but place header side next to the wall. It looks nice but, in Feng Shui Bedroom philosophy, people in the room tend to have conflict with the others all the time.

Bedhead direction is one of the very first factors to think about before you put in other furnish into your bedroom.

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