Sunday, November 18, 2007

Feng Shui Bedroom 4: Room Position

Bedroom at the front?

-- It is not at all a good Feng Shui Bedroom to have bedroom at the front of your house. If the first room after you enter your house is bedroom people who live in the house will feel tired all the time.

The first thing they want to do after entering the house is sleeping instead of doing some pending house works.

They may not even care to use other parts of the house. All activities will be done in the bedroom only. After all people who live in the house will become lack of energy. They will not care to clean up the house/ cook some healthy food etc. The main activity is always be taking a rest.

Even though it sounds good for some people that house is for taking a rest after your long day it is not good in Chinese Feng Shui concept. The Chinese believe that hard working is a key of success. Therefore, this "Feng Shui Bedroom" also implies the Chinese way of life.