Sunday, June 17, 2007

Feng Shui Bedroom : Do and Don't tips of Feng Shui Bedroom


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Below is the Feng Shui Bedroom Tip. I will try to update them as often as possible. Also, I will put the reason and background if I have time so come checking once in a while!!

Feng Shui Bedroom : Do

  • It is better to have the same furnish at each side of the bed such as lamp or small cabinet.

  • You should be able to see if someone entering the room. If, somehow, you can't place the mirror to reflect the view. Mirror can solve many problem for Feng Shui Bedroom.

  • All electrical equipment, including alarm clock, should be placed at the opposite side of the bed.

  • Pictures in the bedroom should be in pair

  • If possible, have empty space underneath the bed.

  • Wood and other natural elements are always desireable material for your bed.

  • The best bed position is diagonally opposite of the door.

  • Bedroom should be for sleeping and resting. Keep away working or fun items away.

  • The heading part of the bed should be as simple as possible. Fancy decoration is not a good Feng Shui Bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom : Don't

  • For a good Feng Shui Bedroom, do not put many books, none is the best, on the bed.

  • Do not place the bed right under the beam.

  • No phone, and mobile phone, on and/or next to the bed. Leave it for sleeping purpose only.

  • Water bed is not recommended for good Feng Shui Bedroom.

  • Never put your feet in the direct line with the doors

  • Door and windows should not be position at opposite of each other.

  • Do not place the bed in the middle of the line between two windows or door and windows.

  • Keep electrical equipment away from the bed, especially if your bed are made of metal.

  • As well as the beam, do not hang any items right above the bed.
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